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Chicken Emojis

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You may have seen a chicken in your day, but we're pretty sure these glorious winged creatures are about to blow your mind.Chicken Emojis, it is basically the super art creation of cute chicken emoticons with its different moods and expressions. These chickens are more than just a pretty face; they're also total sweetie pies.
With this app you can send dozens of vivid, lovely and cute chicken emojis & stickers to others.
Sometimes Chicken emojis used as a turkey emoji for Thanksgiving or Christmas, due to the lack of suitable turkey character in the emoji set.
Android users must open the 'Chicken Emojis' App on their app screen and tap on the menu icon to select ‘settings’.
They can then choose the specific messaging and social apps they want to show a shortcut to the keyboard and the keyboard will show up in any of the chosen messaging apps.
You can use app with the chat head on every messaging application however, if you are not interested in these features, you can still use the Emoji keyboard without granting full access.
We want to assure you we DO NOT collect any personal information that you type. We take our users' privacy extremely seriously.
For anyone who is concerned about allowing this app full access to your keyboard, you can simply open the app and share all of the emoji directly from the app itself.
As saying, up with the chickens and go to bed with the chickens, will keep you fit & happy in your life.
Share these cute chicken emojis with your family and friends in your chatting app.
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